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Bomber Eyewear Nz

FUZZ BOMB Safety - Smoke

FUZZ BOMB Safety - Smoke

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Introducing the Fuzz-Bomb: Where Innovation Meets Comfort

Discover the Fuzz-Bomb, a pair of safety shades that takes inspiration from its cousin, the Buzz-Bomb, but comes with some exciting features that set it apart.

Unmatched Side Shield Functionality: We've enhanced the Fuzz-Bomb's side shields for your convenience. With an even easier removal process, adapting to your changing needs has never been smoother. Whether you require ANSI Z87+ safety-rated glasses or just that extra side protection, the Fuzz-Bomb has got you covered.

Flexibility Redefined: Unlike the polycarbonate frame of its counterpart, the Fuzz-Bomb boasts a resilient nylon frame. This unique material offers a wider range of fit, ensuring light weight comfort for a variety of face shapes and sizes. It's the perfect blend of flexibility and durability.

Optimal Fit: Designed with a medium to large size fit, the Fuzz-Bomb caters to a broader audience while maintaining a stylish and sleek appearance. Its softened corners provide a modern touch, making it less boxy and square compared to the Buzz-Bomb.

With the Fuzz-Bomb, you're not just getting safety glasses that can also be used as sunglasses; you're investing in a superior eyewear experience. Embrace the fusion of functionality, comfort, and style, and protect your vision both on and off the job. When it comes to safety sunglasses with side protection, the Fuzz-Bomb sets the new standard.

Upgrade your eyewear game today with the Fuzz-Bomb, because your vision deserves nothing but the best.

  • Matte Black Frame, Smoke Safety Lens, with Gray Foam Lining
  • Removable side shields
  • 100% UVA and UVB protections
  • Meets ANSI Z87+ safety standards only when worn with side shields
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Injected , Multi layered decentered lenses comply with the international sunglasses lenses standard and UV400 UV Sunglasses lenses standard.The inner layer is polarizing film providing more than 99% of the polarising effect of absorbing glare. The hard coating outer layers bond and protect lenses from the Harsh environment.The second inner layer is the UV400 layer absorbing more than 99% of UV Ultraviolet Rays.


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